Volume 83 Issue 1-2 / 2012
90 години списание „Химия и индустрия“ в служба на науката и обществото
Pages: 1 - 1 (1 pages)
90 години списание „Химия и индустрия“
Pages: 2 - 3 (2 pages)
90 години списание „Химия и индустрия“. Първата годишнина
The journal Khimiya i Industriya at 90 years old. The first year
Abstract: The paper provides brief information on the foundation (1922) and contents of the first volume of the Bulgarian journal Khimiya i Industriya (Chemistry and Industry) on the occasion of its 90th anniversary.
Pages: 4 - 6 (3 pages)
Главни редактори на списание „Химия и индустрия“
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Платинови цитостатици: поведение в кръвната плазма, вътреклетъчен прием и цитотоксичност
Platinum antineoplastic compounds: behaviour in the blood plasma, intracellular accumulation and cytotoxicity
Abstract: Cisplatin, carboplatin and oxaliplatin are the most widely used platinum-based chemotherapeutical agents yet characterized by severe toxicity and short circulation period in the blood. Approaches to reducing their adverse effects and improving their functional properties include application of (i) ‘non-classical’ platinum drugs and (ii) platinum drugs immobilized in a polymer carrier for targeted delivery. A large number of them reveal potential as promising therapeutic compounds during clinical trials.
Pages: 12 - 18 (7 pages)
17-ти Национален симпозиум „Полимери 2012“
Pages: 19 - 20 (2 pages)
Професор дн Ованес Г. Мекенян от университет „Проф. д-р Асен Златаров“ в Бургас спечели голямата награда за наука „Питагор“ за 2012 година
Professor Ovanes G. Mekenyan, DSc, affiliated at Professor Dr. Asen Zlatarov University of Burgas won the grand prize for science ‘Pitagoras′2012’
Abstract: Information on Pitagoras′2012 prize for science for the period 2009−2011 in the field of chemistry awarded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Youth and Science on 26 June 2012 in Sofia is presented. Brief biographical data of the winner, Professor Ovanes G. Mekenyan, DSc, affiliated at Professor Dr. Asen Zlatarov University of Burgas, Bulgaria, are given. Professor O. G. Mekenyan is Head of the Laboratory of Mathematical Chemistry (http://oasis-lmc.org). Research interests and activities of Prof. Mekenyan are in the fields of theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry, chemical reactivity, molecular electronic structure, molecular modelling, mathematical chemistry, information theory, statistics and regression analysis, chemical application of graph theory (molecular topology), design of chemistryoriented software, quantitative structure-activity relationship, molecular and spectral similarity, etc. This laboratory has established a world-wide cooperation with leading companies and agencies in the field of industrial production, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, environmental protection and risk control. Further information on Pitagoras prizes and awardees in previous years (2009−2012) can be found on the web site http://www.pitagor.bg.
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