Volume 77 Issue 1-2 / 2006
Симпозиумите „Полимери“ – история, настояще и бъдеще на българската полимерна наука
Pages: 1 - 19 (19 pages)
Национална програма „Нанотехнологии и нови материали“
National program "Nanotechnologies and New Materials"
Abstract: The necessity of developing a new scientific and technological branch for Bulgaria, namely "Nanotechnologies and New Materials", is justified. The goals of the National program are specified. The main directions and new tendencies are pointed out for developing new university scientific programs, studies and management of Bulgarian scientific and industrial basis relevant to nanostudies, nanotechnologies, nanosized materials and devices and their applicability. Program directions are specified. Investigations and technological level of nanotechnologies and new materials are presented in work packages. Measures are specified for improving the scientific infrastructure (education programs, scientific studies, media for public dissemination of results and innovations). Bulgarian aspiration for integration into European economic and social structures predetermines the participation in projects funded by European Union as a priority. However, the important role of the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Education and Science for national financing of pre-project studies aimed at ensuring the participation of prominent national scientific teams in international projects should not be disregarded.
Pages: 20 - 25 (6 pages)
120 години от началото на българската химична наука
Pages: 26 - 29 (4 pages)
117 години катедра „Органична химия“ в Софийския университет „Св. Кл. Охридски“
Pages: 30 - 34 (5 pages)
Pages: 35 - 41 (7 pages)
Pages: 42 - 46 (5 pages)
In memoriam
Pages: 47 - 48 (2 pages)